Urban Rhythm has an enviable reputation for building affordable apartments and houses in inner city locations.

Over the last 12 years, Urban Rhythm has helped to create and regenerate many communities. We have built numerous developments in Leicester and Market Harborough. All of our properties are creatively designed and often with a contemporary twist.

At Urban Rhythm we are passionate about good design and the quality of our homes. Our years of experience and a focused approach to developing sensitive inner city sites has produced not only attractive environments, but also communities in which homeowners are proud to belong. Urban Rhythm is the epitome of modern day living.

Looking to move further afield. Why not logovisit our sister company Hazelton Homes

Our sister company Hazelton Homes has an enviable reputation for building individual elegant homes. Over the last 23 years, Hazelton have been building in carefully hand picked locations and have a number of developments throughout Leicestershire.

Please visit www.hazeltonhomes.com to find out more